Turkey Tail Tree Stump Removal

We received another wonderful testimonial from a customer. This one comes from James, who used our Turkey Tail Plug Spawn to take care of a particularly persistent stump on his property and enjoy harvests of mushrooms to boot!

In a salute to James' efforts, we have put together a page of products that might best be used for this purpose: http://www.fungi.com/product-detail/product/turkey-tail-plug-spawn-approx-100-plugs.html

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Hello my friends at Fungi Perfecti!

I just wanted to take a minute to say a big THANK YOU to you for making the Turkey Tail spawn plugs available. A few years ago, I had a crabapple #tree that was in rough shape, and was also blocking the sun from my #gardens, and really needed to come down. I cut it down, leveled the stump flat with a chainsaw, and then inoculated the stump with one of your turkey tail plug spawn kits.

After a little over a year, I had about a season and a half of very nice flushes, which I harvested and made into tea (I still have quite a bit of the dried turkey tails left!). Very #healing and quite excellent.

The other reason for inoculating the stump was to remove it at low cost, and do it by myself without a stump grinder, etc. Well, today was the momentous day! Not knowing how broken down the stump would be, but hoping that it was ready for removal, I went out this morning with a large pry bar and a ten pound sledgehammer. The stump had pretty much stopped producing turkey tails, which I figured was another good sign that the wood was pretty soft.

Thanks to using your turkey tail plug spawn, I was able to use that pry bar and hammer to remove that huge, quite unattractive stump from the center of my back yard with relative ease. I am especially happy about being able to remove the roots and all the parts attached to the ground, which, if you've ever tried to remove that part of a large tree or shrub you know it is extremely tough. Not so with the spent turkey tail stump! Most of the huge roots and pieces in the ground didn't even require the hammer; just pushing the pry bar underneath them and applying a bit of leverage was enough to easily lift them out of the soil.

These are exactly the #results I hoped for when I #inoculated that stump several years ago, both in harvesting medicinal turkey tails and in eventual easy stump removal. Thank you so much for the education and the wonderful plug spawn kit. And by all means feel free to use any or all of my words in your testimonials if you wish. They are 100% true and sincere and from the heart.

Much Love and Appreciation,

James Galusha


Paul Stamets