"The Ties that Bind: On Mycelia, Dirt, Microbes, Bears, Bees and Remarkably Unfrozen Fish"

excerpt from article:

"Stamets’ first clue about bees and mushrooms took place over 30 years ago when he noticed bees making a beeline straight for the mushroom beds in his garden. Day after day and all day long, bees carefully pushed away wood chips to sip droplets of moisture on the surface of fungal strands. Stamets took pictures and published a few articles. A beekeeper in Canada thought there might be connection to why bees seem attracted to sawdust piles where mushrooms sprout. For decades the story remained a curiosity, an unsolved mystery, a footnote." 

Article Link: http://trackernewsdots.tumblr.com/post/110459597464/the-ties-that-bind-on-mycelia-dirt-microbes

Paul Stamets