MycoDiversity is BioSecurity: Mushroom Mycelium & the Worldwide Food Web

PAUL STAMETS - October 7


at the Northwest Permaculture Convergence.


Fort Flagler, Nordland, WA


Special Friday Evening package


$35 gets you dinner; Paul Stamets’ keynote presentation including his latest findings;  a first peek at the Expo, and Skillshare Village; and the evening song circle.  This charge does not apply to people attending the whole conference. Just people coming in for the evening.  Gate opens at 5:00 pm.


5:30- 6:45 pm: Dinner.

7:00 – 7:45: Opening Circle and introductions.

8:00-9:30: Keynote talk by Paul Stamets

9:30 on. Evening program. Cohorts Reunion, socializing, song-circles, music jams, ad hoc scheduling.

Paul Stamets